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6 Predictors of
Startup Success

25th September 2021 | Saturday | 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM


To win as an entrepreneur takes openness, adaptability, experimentation, teamwork, customer-driven thinking and persistence. It also involves a capacity to handle multiple setbacks on a day-to-day basis.

"In the case of a startup, everything is about trial and error until the business model and Product-Marketing Fit is perfected", wrote Karthik in his book 'Startup Secret'.

In R.A.I.S.E Virtual Workshop

The session aims to equip startup entrepreneurs with an overview of the major blind spots that can dramatically magnify their chances of success and minimise their odds of failure.

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs Who Plan To Set Up A New Business

  • S.M.E.s

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • University Students Who Want To Learn About Startups

  • Trainers And Consultants Who Work With SMEs And Entrepreneurs

What can you expect?

  • Learn Startup Secrets From An Expert Who Has Personally Mentored More Than 1000 CEOs

  • Learn The 6 Important Pillars of Creating A Successful Startup

  • A Practical, Powerful And Proven System To Create A Successful Startup

  • A Q&A Session With The Expert Himself To Answer All Your Burning Startup Questions

Here's what our participant said about us

"This workshop was pretty good. It raised a lot of questions for me to ponder. We were worried that we couldn't fit into this business landscape. At least now I have some clear pointers to think about for our direction moving forward."

John-Paul Davis
Co-founder and Director HAUS KCH

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RAISE Email Blast - Meet The Speakers.png

A highly acclaimed and respected international strategy consultant, nation branding expert, author, speaker and leadership mentor to CEO's and Entrepreneurs.

He is also the Chairman of the Global Entrepreneur Xchange. This global platform was created to empower, equip and educate entrepreneurs to enhance their capabilities to become future-ready and globally competitive.



Karthik Siva

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