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How To Spot A Leader ?

When you start something, finish it ! How many times have you bought a nice book with a view to expanding your perspective ? Then you rifle through a few pages and leave that book permanently on your shelf to collect dust ! How many times have you bought a cool pair of sneakers with a vow to run every day and get back to shape ? You run for couple of days and slowly this idea of running becomes an unbearable chore and slowly your vision for fitness is slowly consigned to history ! Finishing what you start is the single most important and under rated attribute of leadership.

James Dyson, a billionaire, inventor and designer failed 5126 times to create the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner using a unique technology called the volcano technology. Well, he managed to get it perfectly right on the 5127th time. He then not only made history, but also billions !

All leaders finish what they start. That is why we admire them. Here is why finishing what you start sets you on the road to leadership. When you finish what you start – you feel energised and confident. That is not the only benefit. You also become reliable in your own eyes and in the eyes of others – this builds an inner strength and resolve inside you which makes you win the trust of everyone. And when you make this a habit – you actually become a truly powerful person who takes ownership of every initiative you start. That is why true leadership is nothing but taking complete ownership !

So, finish what you start and watch the magic unfold in your business and life !


Written by,

Karthik Siva

Chairman of GEX

World Renowned Strategist

Nation Branding Expert

Advisor to Governments

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