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9 Core Topics

29 E-Learning Videos

7 Quiz Worksheets

1 Self Assessment

In under 3 hours

You will walk away equipped with several practical insights, fully confident and ready to Start & Scale up your business right away.

Most Startups fail because they begin their journey without the right skills, tools, and guidance.

There are two blind spots most entrepreneurs need to be mindful about if they want to dramatically magnify the chances of success for their Startup:

1. The key predictors that determine the success of any new startup.

2. How to navigate this complex journey from starting to scaling a business.

Why take this course?

To learn and understand the key drivers of success for any new business

To avoid the pitfalls and traps most entrepreneurs fall into when they create a startup

To successfully navigate the different stages of creating, building, and scaling a startup

To learn from the success and failures of renowned startups through real life case studies

To understand how to bring a startup that is already doing well to the next level

Global mentor to 3,000 businesses

Chairman of the Global Entrepreneur Xchange, a global platform that was created to empower, equip and educate entrepreneurs with a view to enhancing their capabilities to become future ready and globally competitive. 

Founding Chairman of Global Brand Forum, Asia’s most influential Forum for brands, business and leadership, described by BBC as the “Davos of Branding” and by Straits Times Singapore as the “World Cup of Branding”.

Spent more than 30 years in senior leadership positions advising Governments, regulators, blue chip global brands, multinational corporations, and SMEs across Asia Pacific, US and the UK.

Personally mentored more than 1000 CEOs and Startups.

Personally interviewed 70 billionaires to put together the world’s first in depth study on billionaire habits and attitudes.

The author of Startup Secrets, Tools, Tips & Thoughts for Entrepreneurs, SPARK, How to Present and Persuade with Power and Checklist for CEOs.



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What's exciting about the Global Entrepreneur Xchange is its ability to help entrepreneurial companies learn at an ccelerated pace.


A Partner at IDEO

It really opened my eyes to see such a complex subject made so simple and practical. I think Strategy is very important not only for business, but also politics or for anybody who wants to do something serious.


Former Minister of Energy, Technology, Science, Climate Change and Environment Malaysia

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Haw Choon.jpg

What I enjoyed most were the case studies & insights that Karthik shared not from textbooks but from his vast experience with international corporations and governments. It was a great inspiration to me.


Group CEO of Chin Hin Group Berhad,
EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Malaysia

What you will learn in this program?

Accelerate your startup development process

Design and build your startup with a proven guide to avoid the unnecessary mistakes because who has time for that?

Dramatically differentiate your startup

Develop a powerful brand value proposition to stay ahead of the competition

Build a robust business model

Find out how best to make money for your business in an ever changing market

Winning over the right talents

Stop competing with large companies and gain an upper hand in attracting talents with the right mindset and skill sets

Develop the right funding strategy

Find out which funding strategy is best for the current stage of your startup

Be future-ready

From the inevitable uncertainties in building a startup to an unforeseen global pandemic, you’ll be equipped and prepared for them all

The Curriculums


The truth about building a startup no one tells you about the 6 startup success factors you must know
And much more...

Get Started

You'll begin your journey by understanding the true definition of a startup

How do you know if your business will be massively successful 

2 ways to create a powerful product no customer can ignore 

The one big secret about providing a compelling solution

Case study on how instagram provided a billion dollar solution

Predictor of Success #1


You'll understand how to provide a compelling solution to an important problem
Predictor of Success #3


The future trends based on real research and statistics by experts

Checklist on what to prepare for the next crisis 

Strategies to help your business be future-ready 

You'll gain strategies on how to manage the inevitable uncertainties when building a startup/an unforeseen global pandemic
Predictor of Success #2


Indicators on whether you have the right business partners or how to find them

4 crucial mindsets a startup team must have to succeed

6 crucial skill sets your talents must possess 

You'll learn how to pick the right partners and attract talents who can give your business a competitive advantage
Predictor of Success #4


The types of funding and the criteria needed to get them

An overview of how the different stages of funding works

A list of what investors look for in funding a company

You'll have a good grasp on how startups funding works, how to get them, and how to manage the investors
Predictor of Success #5


An affordable and proven way to brand your startup with limited capital 

Tools to strongly position your company even in a highly competitive market

You'll know how to dramatically differentiate your startup to standout amongst your competitors
Predictor of Success #6

A list of different business model strategies you can adapt depending on the nature of your business

Case study on how Netflix succeeded after adopting the right business model

A complete tool for you to build your business model right there and then


You'll learn how to make money consistently and sustainable in an ever changing market

An overview of the 5 stages of a startup and their roles How to grow your business incrementally 
And even better… How to scale your business exponentially

How to Navigate the Choppy Journey from Starting to Scaling a Business?

You'll understand the different stages of a startup and what is needed in every step to succeed

StartupX in summary enables you

To learn and understand the key drivers of success for any new business

To avoid the pitfalls and traps most entrepreneurs fall into when they create a startup

To successfully navigate the different stages of creating, building, and scaling a startup

Dato Edwin.jpg

When Karthik first asked the question “Does Your business matter”, it actually stirred up something within me. It puts us in a better position to know where we are.


CEO of Hatten Hotels Worldwide

Karthik is such an inspirational speaker, he really opened my eyes. What I’ve learnt is applicable to my company in order to bring it to the next level.


Group CEO of Biomed Global


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